About Us

Rama Interiors founded in the year 2009, Rama Interiors has developed most diverse & respected design practices & specializing in themed interiors. We are an independent Interior Designing firm offering ideas and execution to clients. Rama Interiors projects transcend their initial purpose to express timeless cultural, organizational & personal values. We collaborate with clients and colleagues to create wonderful spaces linking people and place. Our ideas emerge from the intersection of many active minds and imaginations.

We have successfully completed numerous residential and commercial projects. We provide need based, design led solutions to clients. Rama Interiors is a full service design company, has a reputation for genuine concern for the finished product, as well as dealing honestly and fairly in all aspects of business. We create and bring to life the aesthetics that you would have always wanted for your interiors.

We convert mere structure into spaces with as sense of artistry, practicality and grace. We pride ourselves in exemplary customer service, excellent communication & professionalism of the highest standard. Our team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals gives each project its undivided attention. We work together to give shape and form to every project, devoting our personal and firm's resources to ensure a flawless job with as minimum an outlay in time and finances as possible. Rama Interiors has become synonymous with creative energy-driven spaces that actively engage visitors in their environment.

Our ability to integrate all these services as a unified creative force is in synch with what today's world needs from design. Besides creating relationships, we build faith, mutual trust and respect, with not only our clients but also the design and building community. Our greatest happiness is when a client just smiles at us after the work is completed to his total satisfaction. We develop a personal relationship with our clients to be able to translate their passion, their dreams and their vision into a design which is unique and unparalleled.

We specialize in designing large corporate offices, commercial spaces etc. to specific needs and requirements. Our designs reflect not only the image of the company but are also functional and comfortable. Our vision is to adapt technology and couple the progress made by communication and science to create a better and more efficient working environment.